Aamira Khan’s daughter sticks with boyfriend, posted photo, wrote – ready to lock down

Aamira Khan’s daughter Aaira Khan is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her pictures and videos for her followers on the next day. At the same time, Ira Khan is also known for his impeccable style. He has told every incident that happened with him openly in front of the world. When he fell in love, he also announced it openly. And they also share romantic photos with their boyfriends the day they come. Recently, he shared a very cozy clip with his lover Nupur Shikhar, in which the love between the two is clearly seen in this picture.

Actually Aira Khan has recently shared a black and white photo on her Instagram. In this, Nupur and Ira can be seen staring each other with loving eyes. Along with this, he wrote in the caption putting on the heart emoji, ready for lockdown.

Let me tell you that Aira Khan expressed her love on Valentine’s Day this time i.e. on 14 February. While sharing the picture, Ira shared his picture with Nupur saying, ‘Valentines, Dream Boy’. Promising you is like an honor. Apart from this, Ira Khan had also joined Nupur Shikhar in one of his cousins’ wedding.

At the same time, a video of last time Aira Khan became social media and quite viral and it also made a lot of headlines. In this video, Aira Khan was telling the correct pronunciation of her name to the people. Not only this, he also said that now if someone mispronounces his name, he will also have to pay a fine. He told that his friend teases him and calls him as Ira so he decided to make this video. He made the video and said that his name is not Ira but Aera.

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