Actress: Shilpa Shetty shares photos of Aqua Blue Kaftan look from Maldives

Kovid-19 has been a style questionnaire for comfort fashionistas with glamor since the lockdown that inspired everyone from their household chores to work and play. Her easy-going boho-chic style with glamorous vibes ensures that the wearer slips effortlessly and Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s new clothing line for women, DreamSS, couldn’t help but tap into the trend.

Recently, the Bollywood actor shared an exhausting video from his Maldives vaccine, featuring an easy silhouette in a kaftan from his fashion brand and us for his all-day lounge this Sunday to capture his color and perfect fit Are in love with In the video, Shilpa donned a pale blue colored shroud, which came with a crisp-cross neck detail, a straight hem, quarter sleeves and discrete side pockets for the essentials.

Made of breathable cotton fabric, the Kaftan had a comfortable and loose fit that makes it a must for a summer wardrobe. A giant Dreamcatcher was printed in black on the back with blue feathers and pink ribbon to seal the dreamy vibe of the outfit.

Accessorizing her look with a pair of sunglasses and silver bracelets, Shilpa camouflaged well with the pale blue sky and the turquoise ocean waters of the Maldives as she posed happily as she walked towards the horizon. He captioned the video My Weekend Mood.

DreamSS boasts minimalist yet quirky beauty garments that are timeless and trans-seasonal, comfortable, affordable, and multifunctional. The Aqua Blue Kaftan originally cost 3,890 on Shilpa’s designer website.

From street style to hippie fashion, Kaftan traveled in mainstream Western fashion and was soon adopted as a lavish ensemble or hostess gown for home entertainment. Made of cotton, cashmere, wool or silk, kaftans are now included as a part of summer season lines, tropical leisure-wear staples and their fashionable color straps extend their style to even more modern and luxury resortwear is.


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