All the best efforts of Salman Khan, but Radhe film may have to be postponed till next Eid.

Actor Salman Khan has said that if people do not follow the Kovid-19 guidelines as per the government directive, and daily coronavirus cases are seeing an increase, the release of his upcoming film Radhey: Your Most Wanted Brother is. Postponed to next year.

Maharashtra is partially under lockdown, with a night curfew and weekend lockdown imposed earlier this week. The ban will remain in force until 30 April. Talking about his much awaited film, Salman said, “We were going to release Radhe, we are still trying our best to release it on Eid.” But if the lockdown continues, we can be. Push it to the next Eid. But if it opens, and matters (drop) and people take care of themselves. (If) they wear their masks and maintain their social distance, and take good care of themselves. (They) don’t go out, don’t break any of these laws (Kovid-19 rule), which the government has just put before us, I think it will die really soon.

Radhey: Your most wanted brothers will release this Eid if the second wave of Kovid-19 comes to an end, Salman said that a lockdown would adversely affect the daily laborers. If that happens, we will have Radhe in theaters at Eid. But, if citizens do not follow these, then it will be a problem not only for theater-owners but also for daily wage workers. This is really going to happen. A bad one, as it was before. Everyone should be really serious and make sure that we kill this coronovirus and move on in our lives before it kills all of us. Movie theaters and malls in the state have also been closed, under new guidelines to deal with the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic.

Most importantly, we promised for the last Eid. It had to be postponed due to the epidemic. We then committed to this Eid. The picture will, of course, be released, and, by the grace of God, it is well made so it will also work well. But what is important is that people should not get corona. Especially those who already have some (medical) condition. Parents and Grandparents.

Salman was speaking at the book launch of the memoir of veteran actor Kabir Bedi. Kabir will share his life story with raw emotional honesty in his memoir which will be published this April. Titled Stories I Must Tell the Emotional Journey of an Actor, the book explores the highs and lows of the actor’s professional and personal life, his relationships including marriage and divorce. Kabir posted a video of the launch on his Facebook page.

Talking about the book, Salman had said, “Everybody who has come to my house (after getting a copy of the book), has been ogling on the cover.” They are all enchanted. I even said that ‘Picasso said along with the above. bhi banaya hai, ekdum chiselled (Picasso made you, as well as God, you are so peeved).


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