Britain’s big news: ‘Kovid-19 passport’ can be used to open lockdown

Reet’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson is about to announce several steps to open the lockdown enforced due to the Kovid-19, including during the match and at nightclubs. The provision of an alleged ‘Kovid passport’ for the gathering may also be included. The Prime Minister is expected to announce these steps on Monday. At the same time, Johnson said on Easter Sunday that a better time is coming after a difficult year because of the Kovid-19.

The announcements made by the Prime Minister on Monday are expected to create a detailed outline of the experimental programs in the coming months, which will explain how these events will help people to come to the auditorium etc., which has been closed for almost a year. The pilot scheme includes a Kovid-status certificate “, expected to be included in the Final Cup of the Football FA Cup to be held at Wimbley Stadium in London, with a provision of a smartphone app or paper-ready certificate to join. .

As part of Johnson’s action plan, all restrictions are planned to be withdrawn by June 21, and proposed to be tested by mid-May.

Caution is necessary even after vaccination, Cabinet Office minister Michael Gow told The Sunday Telegraph ‘newspaper, “Vaccination is a powerful weapon but it can never provide 100 percent protection. Therefore, every possibility should be considered to bring life back to normalcy in a fast and safe manner. “

At the same time, Johnson acknowledged in the Easter message that due to the lockdown restrictions, the festival is being celebrated in a simpler way, but these restrictions are expected to be abolished in the coming weeks.

He said, “The last 12 months have been difficult but Easter has brought new hope for us.”


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