Corona, Kovaxin, Kovishield Which of these vaccines should you get?

If there is an alternative, which vaccine should be administered for corona, covaxin, covshield or covid-19? learn

Yes, we compare both the vaccines on this matter and tell them that the rest of the last election is left for you which you want to implement.

Let’s get started

1. Developers:
So is Kovacsin being made by Bharat Biotech (Hyderabad). Together ICMR and NIV.

The same Kovishield is built by Oxford AstraZeneca and is being produced by Serum Institute (Pune).

2. What Kind of Vaccine:
The covaxin that is made is made using the whole virus’s in vitro-cell technique, using a dead virus that provides immunity without harming any human in any way.

The same Kovishil is built with the viral vector platform technology. In which the chimpanzee adeno virus is modified to carry the spike protein of covid-19 which will provide immunity against the covid 19 of our immune system.

3. Dose:
There is no difference in the dosage of both. It is 2 doses with 2 doses taken after 1 dose at an interval of 28 days.

4. Efficacy
Hence according to an article dated 09/03/2021 of BBC.

Covexin has an efficacy rate of 81% derived from data from pre-primary phase 3 clinical trials.

According to the same article, Covishield’s efficacy rate is reported to be 90% (62% to 90%), which is taken. From data on international preliminary clinical trials. (Now how complete this information is, the complete information about it is not correct.)

5. Price
So it is free at both the government hospital or the vaccine center. The same private hospital costs Rs 250 per dose.

6. Mode of administration
So both vaccines are in the form of intra-muscular injections. Those to be applied in the muscles.

7. Who can get it:
So both vaccines can be administered by anyone over the age of 18. However, the government has just made some guidelines. The vaccines are to be taken keeping in mind such as 1st stage, 2nd stage.

The government has not yet given permission for the same young children and pregnant women.

Disclaimer: All the information given here is given for the purpose of giving education only. We are not doctors, specialists or scientists at all. That is why use this information such as information, not the advice of any doctor or specialist.


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